The Eastern Star represents common bond among members based upon a fundamental faith, various Religion principals and truly believing in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Through leadership development, meaningful service to the community, charity work and a strong sense of Brother & Sisterhood we are able to promote self confidence, understanding of the concept of organization, fellowship and empowerment. Education, communication and reinforcement of these ideals help our sisterhood to continue to prosper. From this need a new Social Community for Eastern Stars has been constructed.....
This organization is about reaffirming the power and purpose of the order, finding new ways of uplifting our chapters and communities through the exchange of ideas, and (among other things) strengthening our basic foundation knowledge of the order.


This Organization is for ALL OES sisters of EVERY jurisdiction and\or Affiliation to meet and exchange information on even ground WITHOUT all the boundaries of Jurisdictional prejudices. NO CONFUSION OR PREJUDICES ARE ALLOWED!!! As we are aware that there are some strong feelings about certain affiliations not intermingling with each other. We DO NOT promote or encourage those ideas here.


***This group NOT related or a representative of ANY SPECIFIC AFFILIATION, Grand Lodge\Chapter nor any other official Masonic Body.**


"Make a difference...UOOJ....Sisterhood Personified"
In Sisterly Love and Devotion,
Chappell A. Grant-Willis